Welcome to Posisoft Limited

We have extensive knowledge and experience in telecommunications, IT hardware and IT software. This has been accumulated from work in the Residential, Public and Private Sectors, including work for the Ministry of Defence, by providing and installing products from low to high speed fixed lines to the latest technologies in advanced wireless solutions.




The Perfect Solution

We always work towards innovative, individual and bespoke installations and solutions to meet our customers’ requirements.

We understand that not all of our customers’ requirements are the same, so we run an individual needs analysis for each of our projects to provide our clients the perfect solution, whether it be for a remote, rural location or a city centre.




Available Connectivity

​Our Services are a range of high quality business connectivity solutions, with a full range of DSL and Internet services to connect your business. 

Our Broadband and Internet services are aimed at customers connecting to offices, homeworkers, data centres, disaster recovery sites and access to the Internet, and they include:
· ADSL, ADSL2+, ADSL2+ Annex M, SDSL, FTTC, FTTP and Advance LTE.
· All major broadband carrier networks.
· Proactive administration through first response.
· Resilient, dependable, full UK network.

The LTE telecommunication platform gives us full UK and International coverage so we can cost-effectively deliver connectivity to all your local and international business and home working locations using key applications such as Voice, Microsoft Lync, Video and your key business applications. Wherever you are we have the solution.

Broadband & Internet Solutions:
· Annux M DSL
· Bonded DSL
· 3G
· 4G
· 5G

· LTE-Advance
· Managed Internet Access
· VoiceStream
· Professional Services
· Unified Communications and Collaboration



LTE-A, 4G and 5G


LTE-A, 4G and 5G is the future of wireless communication and connectivity

By adding LTE-A and 5G to your current network, you can grow your business, utilising LTE-A and 5G as a failover solution limiting downtime with BT faults. You can demonstrate to your customers that you’re responsive to new technologies and consumer demand, all of which contributes to better business sustainability.


Benefits of wireless broadband

Wherever there is high-density LTE-A or 5G coverage you have distinct advantages over a wired network like ADSL or fibre. LTE-A is particularly useful if you’re looking for us to deliver services to you quickly with minimal disruption and downtime during installation. As network coverage improves, LTE-A becomes an increasingly attractive alternative to traditional broadband connectivity.

Coverage that grows weekly

With 4G, LTE-A and 5G, you are part of a network that is constantly expanding its coverage. The LTE-A network already extends across the majority of rural and metropolitan areas, 5G is currently in the roll out stage within numerous city’s the length of the UK. New masts are added and upgraded monthly enabling us to offer historic customers access when connectivity becomes available.