(Voice Over Internet Protocol) VOIP for short is a phone solutions enabling you to have a complete managed phone system, with the flexibility of working from anywhere with internet using this hosted cloud solution.

Its the perfect solution to manage your office workers and call centres with the added bonus of not being geographically tied to the office to work. With the flexibility of VOIP its easy to setup employees to work from home with a desk or cordless phone. Another great advantage of our VOIP solution is that, using an application on your mobile phone making and taking those important calls from abroad anywhere in the world at no extra cost, as if you were sat at your desk using your office phone.

With our VOIP system there is a complete customisable IVR system and the option to add your own voice messages for the call options, as well as this there is also Voice to Email, this means that if you are left a voice message then this message will be recorded and emailed to the mailbox of your choice. There is also comprehensive call recording packages available with integration options.

We have an extensive range of hardware available for the handsets, we can ship these preconfigured so that they are plug and play devices for your staff members. The only requirement for the VOIP system is an internet connection with a router to plug into.